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To play, you require a set of standard dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a d100 (AKA d%), a # listed before a dX means you roll the die that many times, i.e. 4d6 means roll a six-sided die four times) or a computer with a dice simulator and a method of keeping track of information such as pencils and paper or a computer. Provided in the back of OM Core, for your convenience, is a sample character sheet and helpful formulas for you to print off and use.

It is also suggested that everyone familiarize themselves with the Terms of Note chapter so they can more easily follow the rules – especially those which use acronyms – and the idea of the Tier System presented in the Skill System chapter as it is used repeatedly.

Of the people playing, one will be designated as the Over Master (OM), the person who controls the world and everything within except for the Player Characters (PC or Player), the characters controlled by the other players of the game. It is the OM’s job to choose the rules and settle disputes that may arise while the PCs play their characters in the adventure.

Regardless of how much you have played this or other games, we would just like to wish you a fun time.

Great Places to Start

Terms of Note
OverMaster Tutorial

Attributes Skill System Parts of Every Character Character Progression DREAD
Combat System General Game Play Rules Abilities and Spells Equipment Objects and Materials
Worldly Rules Formula Sheet

Life Skills
TR/LoD Factors Book of Alchemy Books of Traps

Skill Books
Book of Basic Skills Book of Casters Book of Celestials Book of Chakra Book of Covert
Book of Critter Creation Book of Fight Book of Magic Knowledge Book of Melee Book of Rage
Book of Ranged Book of Science Book of Tactics Book of Therianthrope Book of Undead


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