Mort & Rand

The Tales of Mort & Rand series follows the titular characters in their adventures – and equally their misadventures – across a world in dire need of heroes. Not that many acknowledge them as heroes regardless their numerous deeds, instead focusing on the odd good-intentioned misdeed. They try – with mixed results – to solve the world’s woes with magic. Rand, an ordinary and studious mage, lived a rather normal life until meeting the mysterious Mort. After the enigmatic man’s failed hanging, the duo are thrust into a world where their wits and extraordinary resilience make them the next best thing when heroes aren’t available.


So, if you’re looking for a good-natured, fun time, look no further than Alex and Roland’s premiere series.


Arc 1 – A Fantastic Journey

Book 1 – A Kingdom in Peril

Book 1.5 – A “Sailing” We Go (free!)

Book 2 – An Overseas Kingdom

Book 3 – A Mountain Twice Owned

Book 4 – A Couple of Races