Mort & Rand Wre- Save another kingdom!

Alex and Roland are back with their “hero” wizards in book two (sorry, not a free short like their sailing adventure). The crazed fantasy (and fantastic!) duo continue their good intentions in a new land which can be found here on Kobo.

Mort & Rand Sail On

Alex and Roland have continued the tale of their semi-heroes in this between-books short story that shows sometimes half the fun of being a hero is just getting to the adventure. This free book – that’s right, free! – can be found here on Kobo books.

Our first publication

Welp, it’s finally happened. We actually got off our rears and put something out there!   This new series follows the exploits of the wizard duo Mort & Rand. Their fantasy, and fantastic, adventures are rife with humour and wonders far and wide.   So congratulations to Alex and Roland for their long awaited publication! ...